The Animal Club

Join the club to get even more fun, submit your Poems, Pictures, Riddles, Stories, Photos, Jokes and much more and get the cool stuff that no-one else gets! All you have to do is email your requested username and password to the following email address: You will then recieve further instructions in what to do!

Welcome to the Animal Club!

 Hello, Welcome. This is the OFFICIAL Animal Club. I hope you like it, If you read above you would know that you can submit your stuff. It might be posted on this site (there is 90% chance of submisson)! Every week we have a few competitions, you can find out more about them when you join. Not only that but you can earn points! Every thing you post that gets chosen to be submitted on the site, on the 'Your Stuff' Page, you will get 2 points. If you win a competition you get 10 points, if you come second you will recieve 5 points, whilst getting 1 instant point for entering. Every week, on a Thursday, you will recieve a newsletter sort of thing. Which will includes stuff personally for you! Including games, your points, news about the site and even more! As soon as you get started you will get to choose the animal group you want to be in like Dog, Cat, Rodent, Snake, Spider and many more! But the best part is... IT'S ALL FREE! Nothing at all costs! When you join you will be told more about the stuff you get. Don't wait up join NOW!